Uber, an alternative to the public passenger transport service, i.e. a type of private public transport, was regulated by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 21/2019 for amending and supplementing Law no.38 / 2003 on taxi and rental arrangements.
Thus, drivers were allowed to work for ridesharing applications such as Uber, Clever or Bolt only if they are authorized individuals or if they have individual / family businesses or companies.

INTEGRUM can help you to affiliate with a Uber partner, to become authorized for the transport of persons in rental regime and to provide this type of legal service, in compliance with the Romanian laws.
INTEGRUM can advise you from an accounting and tax point of view if you own a company and want to become a Uber partner, so that you can obtain your special VAT code, have a professional accounting record and have the taxes calculated correctly, as provided by Romanian law.


Why choose us


The INTEGRUM group of companies also has a company that is licensed for alternative transport, so if you want to join an Uber partner, we are the perfect solution for you because:
• We know that if our client is doing well, we are doing well too, and that is why we will make the most of legal methods to obtain maximum profits.
• With us you become aware of what it means to choose the way you spend your time, to analyze your possibilities for maximum earnings, and to predict your future income.
• Here you will discover the client’s culture, represented by a set of clear values that have been communicated to all employees and are being constantly encouraged.
• At Integrum you benefit from individual consulting and analysis to maximize your revenues.
• If you do not own a personal car, you can carry out your activity on the basis of a rental agreement or a lease contract. If you do not have any of the above possibilities, we, Integrum, can provide you with a car.


How can you become an Uber driver?

In order for a natural person to be able to provide transport services in rental regime, using the Uber platform, he or she must meet the following conditions:
• To be affiliated with a company that is a Uber partner (We are a Uber partner, so we can help you in this regard);
• To be at least 21 years old and to hold a certificate attesting the professional training for the transport of persons in rental regime issued by the Romanian Road Authority – A.R.R.
• To hold a category B driving license for at least 2 years;
• The person’s criminal record must show that he/she has not been convicted of public road safety offenses, drug and traffic offenses, offenses against life, health and bodily integrity, trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable persons, offenses against freedom and sexual integrity or crimes against heritage;
• To be medically and psychologically fit for carrying out the transport activity;
• To not have had suspended the exercise of the right to drive in the last year for driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances or not to have been involved in road accidents resulting in, by his or her fault, the death or serious injury of one or more persons.
• To hold car liability insurance;
• To hold the insurance for persons and their goods;
• To have the printed copy of the contract concluded between the operator and the alternative transport operator, according to the provisions of art. 17;
• To have a badge car issued by the A.R.R.;
• To hold a certified copy of the authorization for alternative transport.


Integrum makes it easy for you to communicate with the Uber platform


Uber covers your expenses for the compliant copy for the car you drive and the professional rental certificate. The money is returned into your account and you are informed as soon as you have been paid, the value also being found in the payment situation that you can either view directly in your account, or is made available by the accounting department within our company.
The management and marketing department of our company will notify you immediately if you, as a contributing driver, have documents that need updating or reloading into the platform or you need to deal with any issue related to Uber.

The conditions to be met to receive the money for the expenses incurred by the contributing drivers are:
• Load a certified copy and/or professional certificate on the platform by February 1, 2020;
• Complete 100 races between January 1 and March 1 to qualify for the bonus for each type of document (100 races for certified copy and 100 races for professional certificate). The courses for each bonus will be counted from the date the document is added to the platform and approved.


Obligations of drivers transporting persons, employees at Integrum

• To have appropriate, civilized and preventive behavior in the relationship with the client;
• Not to refuse to complete a race under the initially agreed conditions;
• Not to request the payment by the passenger of another amount of money in exchange for the transport activity carried out;
• To carry the luggage of the clients, when transporting persons, within the space destined for them, without collecting additional tariffs;
• To submit to the control of authorities with attributions in the field and to submit during their activity the documents provided by this emergency ordinance and the legislation in force;
• To comply with the Internal Order Regulation established by Integrum;
• To not use audio / video media without the client’s consent.


Obtaining the badge for alternative transport


Also from February 1, each car must have an alternative transport badge.

All badges issued will be valid until October 15, 2020.


• If you have applied for badges in the past (and the badges have been issued), you must submit a new application for the issuance of new badges, having to pay a new fee of 8 lei for issuance.

• It is necessary to pick up the compliant copies already released to know for what machines you will be able to request badges. If you have requests for the release of compliant copies, check that they are already issued.

Conditions for issuing badges:

You must be affiliated with a company that already holds an operator license for the alternative transport – and we, Integrum, have this license – and a certified copy for the car for which you request the badges;
You must present proof of payment of the tariff of 8 lei for issuing the badges for alternative transport. The fee is payable for the issue of two badges for each car at any post office or at A.R.R.
You must complete the application to be submitted to A.R.R. We handle everything from submission to obtaining and issuing of all the documents required for the drivers collaborating with Integrum.


Obtaining the cash register

You also need cash registers for cash payments. Partner drivers driving on the Uber platform need cash registers for cash payments. For this reason, we have found solutions for you. Integrum takes care of all the documentation necessary to obtain the cash register and our accounting department has already been providing support to its clients in the past for this need.


Do you want to become an Uber driver?

To become a contributing driver at Integrum, call 0744834854 or 0768112211 or send an email to contact@integrumromania.com directly from your site or from your email address to make an appointment for a discussion.
Take the first step – call or email – and you will surely move on to the second, i.e. the conclusion of a collaboration agreement with us.


Claudia Columban – Accounting Expert, Integrum Group