UBER emerged in our country out of necessity, because it was time for Romania to have alternatives to the public transport service, i.e. a private public transport system.

The emergence of applications such as UBER in Romania has been enthusiastically received both by customers and by drivers interested in carrying people other than by taxi. UBER gained popularity quickly, but its success was shadowed by fears that this service could be banned, as it happened in other countries.

The most recent regulation regarding UBER is Government Emergency Ordinance no. 21/2019 for the amendment and completion of the Law no.38 / 2003 on the taxi and the rental regime transportation. This makes it possible to carry out alternative car and driver transport activities.

As promised, authorities have approved today, on 25.06.2019, GEO 21/2019 on the conditions for carrying out the public transport of persons, other than the one performed by TAXI. Individuals who provide transport services to customers who access the UBER platform can continue to operate without problems as soon as GEO 21/20019 appears in the Official Gazette because they will provide this service in a legal manner.

Drivers will be able to work for ridesharing applications such as Uber or Bolt only if they are licensed individuals or have individual/family businesses or companies.

INTEGRUM can help you affiliate with a UBER partner, authorize you to transport people in rental regime, and perform this type of legal service in accordance with Romanian laws.

INTEGRUM can advise you on accounting and tax matters if you own a business entity and want to become a UBER partner. With our help you can get your VAT ID, keep your accounting professionaly and pay taxes correctly as prescribed by the Romanian law.

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The conditions for a physical person to be able to provide trasport services using the UBER platform:

– to be affiliated with a UBER partner (We are a UBER partner, so we can help you in this matter);

– to be at least 21 years of age and hold a certificate of professional training for the transport of persons under renting regime issued by the Romanian Road Authority – A.R.R.;

– to hold a Category B driving license for at least 2 years;

– the person’s criminal record must indicate that he or she has not been convicted of road safety offenses, trafficking and drug use offenses, offenses against life, health and bodily integrity, trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable persons, crimes against freedom and sexual integrity or crimes against patrimony;

– to be physically and psychologically fit for the purpose of carrying out passenger transport activities;

– to not have had the right to drive suspended in the past year for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or psychoactive substances or to have been involved in road traffic accidents resulting in the death or serious injury of one or more persons;

– to own motor third party liability insurance;

– to own insurance for individuals and their properties;

– to have a printed copy of the contract concluded between the operator and the alternate transport operator, according to the provisions of Art. 17;

– to have the corresponding copy of the alternative transport authorization;

As a novelty, if you do not own a personal car, you can work on the basis of a rental/loan contracts or lease agreement.

Obligations of drivers transporting persons:

– to have a proper attitude and a civilized and preventive behavior in relation to the client;

– to not refuse to complete the race under the conditions initially agreed;

– to not require the passenger to pay another sum of money in exchange for the transport activity carried out;

– to carry the passengers’ luggage within the space reserved for it, without charging additional charges;

– to submit to the control of the authorities having responsibilities in the field and to submit during the activity the documents provided by this emergency ordinance and by the legislation in force;

– to not use audio/video means without the customer’s consent.

Below you can find a link where you can view draft normative acts approved at the meeting of the Romanian Government on June 25, 2019, including OUG21 / 2019 to which reference has been made:

Government Emergency Ordinance on alternative car and driver transport activities

Claudia Columban – Accounting Expert, Integrum Group