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Financial-accounting services

Bookkeeping is a fundamental necessity for economic entities, as figures express the manner in which the company is being governed and its credibility in the current economic space.

Business consultancy

Any crisis situation is caused by the lack of relevant information at the right moment; the analysis of a company’s economic performance, including the level and structure of costs allows us to formulate conclusions referring to the competence of staff and the lucrativeness of your firm. We help you discern between economic growth and disinvestment, profit and loss, and solvability and insolvency.

Economic-financial analyses and assessments

Through its specialists, Integrum completes analyses and evaluations for an accurate diagnosis of your company; the information you receive is useful in the following situations: financial applications, buying or selling a company/company shares, closing a company, merges, business divisions, legal disputes (expropriations, litigations, inheritances), establishing the tax base, evaluating non-cash capital contributions, determining share quotations, and capital increases.

Judicial and extrajudicial accounting and tax expertise

Being a CECCAR member enables our team to provide accounting and tax expertise services. This way, we determine whether all transactions and economic events were carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations in force or not.

Company founding and reorganization

Our rich experience enables us to offer support to those who have decided to enter the business world. Getting help from a consultant is paramount in the first stages of starting a company in order to identify and make use of any possible advantage; consultants can also prove extremely useful when it comes to company reorganization and closing.

Other services

In addition to all the services listed above, INTEGRUM also offers Censorship and Mandate Financial Services and internal management control services.