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Why choose Integrum?

Our passion for the field of accountancy allows us to evolve both personally and professionally, thus ensuring our clients of our complete dedication to their projects.

We provide professional services at the highest standards, as we understand the real message behind the numbers; we know that the first sign of regression in business is represented by lack of caution, order, rigor, and interest for learning new things.


Having an internal financial department or outsourcing accountancy services?

Integrum, through its accountancy outsourcing solutions, does more than just providing services to its clients – it eliminates the stress that comes with organizing a financial accounting department for your company. Our profile is that of a flexible specialist, who uses time management tools, has a proactive attitude, is creative, and has a complete overview of your business, thus helping you to make better and more informed decisions at the management level. We act as a genuine partner for our clients, and we help them save money since they only pay for the services we provide instead of supporting employee-related costs as well.


How important is it to collaborate with a consultancy company?

For many companies, consultants have become the people behind successful management. They are those who come up with solutions when managers find themselves in a standstill or need a new development direction.


Reach your maximum potential with a matching partner.

Our main concern is continuously improving services provided to clients along with finding solutions which are efficient from different points of view – accountancy, tax, and legal-wise.



Financial-accounting services

We have a specialized team

Bookkeeping is a fundamental necessity for economic entities, as figures express the manner in which the company is being governed and its credibility in the current economic space.

Judicial and extrajudicial accounting and tax expertise

Judicial and Extrajudicial

Being a CECCAR member along with our extensive experience, professional competence, and passion for accounting enables us to guarantee professionalism, confidentiality, flexibility, seriousness and forwardness in every project we complete for our clients.

Business consultancy

Rich portfolio of clients

Any crisis situation is caused by the lack of relevant information at the right moment; the analysis of a company’s economic performance, including the level and structure of costs allows us to formulate conclusions referring to the competence of staff and the lucrativeness of your firm. We help you discern between economic growth and disinvestment, profit and loss, and solvability and insolvency.

Company founding and reorganization

We support future entrepreneurs

Our rich experience enables us to offer support to those who have decided to enter the business world. Getting help from a consultant is paramount in the first stages of starting a company in order to identify and make use of any possible advantage; consultants can also prove extremely useful when it comes to company reorganization and closing.

Economic-financial analyses and assessments

For both your company and the one you want to invest in

Through its specialists, Integrum completes analyses and evaluations for an accurate diagnosis of your company; the information you receive is useful in the following situations: financial applications, buying or selling a company/company shares, closing a company, merges, business divisions, legal disputes (expropriations, litigations, inheritances), establishing the tax base, evaluating non-cash capital contributions, determining share quotations, and capital increases.

Other services

We are at your disposal with any information

In addition to all the services listed above, INTEGRUM also offers Censorship and Mandate Financial Services and internal management control services.



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      Today’s accounting is a struggle. There are always obstacles and never an easy and easy way to go, but Integrum Group SRL has shown professionalism. You proved you deserve our confidence! Thank you! We hope for fruitful collaboration in the future. [view website]

      Hetong Technology SRL - Administrator, Yang Chin-Hsi

      To understand a bit of the financial nebula in which you need to work as a business owner, I think you always need advice from an accounting expert who is balanced, objective, well-prepared, and always willing to answer your questions. My collaboration with Integrum started three years ago and will continue for a long time!

      Alina Cojocaru, SC MACOJOCARU SRL

      When we set up OptiKlar we knew that success depends on a good organization and the team of professionals behind the activity. That is why we chose Integrum Group, our partners and specialists that we could count on for the best advice and best expertise!


      We recommend Integrum Group for the best solutions and for the professionalism that they prove. Promptness, professionalism and efficiency best describe the services offered by Integrum Group

      Allegria Lake View

      We have chosen the Integrum team with confidence, because we knew from the beginning that the success of our business is influenced by a professional, dedicated accounting team, who will guide us to achieve our goals. This is what I have been looking for and found in the Integrum team!
      More than keeping financial accounting,
      the business consultancy we receive helps us to grow every day.
      All the recommendations we have received sent us to them, and now all our recommendations go to them!
      The Don Residence team
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      Don Residence