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Other services

Censorship and financial trustee

The censor or the censor commission checks the legality of company records, decisions, rules and regulations, the implementation of the revenue and expenditure budget, the financial-accounting administration, and, at least once a year, completes and presents to the general assemble reports on its activity and the administration of the owner’s association.

The financial agent organizes records on the revenues and expenditures of election campaigns. Some of the aspects that a financial agent handles include: determining the legality of financial operations during an election campaign, following regulations on the donations registered between the announcement of the election day and the end of the election campaign, and forwarding reports on respecting legal provisions regarding the financing of political parties during the election campaign to the Permanent Electoral Authority. The financial agent supports their party and ensures the legality of financial operations throughout the entire election campaign.

Internal management control

Whenever you are making a business decision you need to make sure you respect laws and internal regulations regarding the use, keep and integrity of resources, held for any purpose. These resources must also be reflected in your company’s accounting evidence. Companies also need to respect the legal provisions related to the development of the revenue and expenditure budget, and this applies both to the economic operator and the subunits included within its structure